Apple TV: crap in a lacquer box.

The rollout of the Apple TV Appliance reminds me of a story I heard when I was a kid. It involved a man from ancient Segovia buying a donkey for his farm in Spain. He bought this highly adorned donkey for an exorbitant amount and was proudly walking it home. When he started taking off the embroidered tackle, he found the unpleasant truth: the beautiful epaulets and head-dress were hiding sightless eyes, the elaborate tassels that reached to the floor were hiding the infection in the rear legs, and the lacquered and shiny saddle was hiding a lame back on the animal.

In the same way, I hope people are not deceived by the beautiful Apple design and ergonomic, logical menus. I hope that they get to examine the crappy video image before they buy. This device succeeds in *downgrading* all image sources to make them easily available anywhere in your house. Wow.

If it’s too late and you’ve already been screwed, go ahead and use the amazing human ability to justify our mistakes. We are really good at this, gauging from the various studies that�show that our satisfaction with a crappy product decreases markedly at first and then actually increases after purchase. I think it’s our attempt to justify our mistakes and say to the world “it’s not really all that bad if you consider……” Same behavior applies to poorly conceived marriages. Be aware; beware.

One thought on “Apple TV: crap in a lacquer box.”

  1. I LOVE apple products. I have been using them almost exclusively for about 20 years. I have purchased for my personal use or for family or work damn near every product they have ever made. The Apple TV though just makes me say “so what”. I just don’t see why I would want it. If it had DVR functionality maybe I would get it instead of a second TIVO. If it had a blue-ray DVD player built into it maybe it would be interesting. If I didn’t already have an HDMI cable for hooking my laptop up to the TV, and if they cost hundreds of dollars…..

    Yeah, this really is a lame system. If they provide some sort of Netflix like pricing down the road, where I could watch a bunch of movies for a reasonable price, but for $15 for a movie download, they can keep their itunes movies.

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