Operation: Dr. Tran!

This is hilarious, and Dr. Tran has 3 syllables, making it Crack Team approved. It’s not safe for work, of course. Thanks to Masterchief for bringing this to our attention. And there’s more at Lone Sausage Productions.

Heck, here’s great followup. I can’t wait to hit that thrill park! Seriously, these guys are genius.

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3 thoughts on “Operation: Dr. Tran!”

  1. Personally, I can’t stop telling people “I have a .pdf in kicking your ass”, even though they all look confused when I say it. Their loss!

  2. I think it was “hickory smoked horse testicles… in a cup” for me. 🙂

    They seemed to get better with time, though. I was tempted to give up on them after a minute or two.

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