The Crack Team is a vast network of elite agents who have penetrated every layer of society. We have permeated every industry from media to space exploration. We have held every vocation from fighter pilot to shop keep to explorer. We have been schooled in every field imaginable, from the art of war to the art of chess. While we are specialized for different tasks, all of us are practitioners of stealth. In fact, we perform at a level so high, we do what no other agency or organization dare contemplate: we operate in plain sight.

There is no skulking in the shadows, masking our appearance, denying our involvement. No fleeing before the enemy, for the enemy does not know we oppose them. No counter-surveillance techniques, for surveillance betrays nothing. We assume at all times we are being watched, our lives are being chronicled. Yet our missions never fail, our objectives never discovered.

This web site proves we fear nothing from discovery; in fact, we flaunt our presence! We smirk at knowing we are the most famous covert organization in the world. Scour, devour, analyze, dismantle, fold, spindle, and mutilate our communiqu├ęs. Work your best cryptologists to the bone, attempting to decipher our codes. You will never discover their true meaning, the events they set in motion, the destinies they foretell.

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The most famous covert organization in the world.