Outsourced, The Event Canceled; Chuck Renewed

According to Variety, NBC has canceled Outsourced and The Event, but Chuck will be back for at least 13 more episodes. I never watched The Event, but I did like Outsourced. Diedrich Bader was pretty funny there, and I dig cute Indian (and Aussie) girls, but I admit it wasn’t quite the laugh riot it could have been. Glad to see Chuck return; even if the ratings aren’t great, they must be making money from those embedded Subway commercials.

UPDATE: Bad news, NBC announced that this will be the final season of Chuck. I imagine the ratings will have to be phenomenal to reverse that.

UPDATE 2: They’ve now announced that Chuck will air in the Friday 8-9PM slot, the death knell for all sci fi/fantasy shows (BSG, Smallville, etc.). Enjoy it while it lasts!

2 thoughts on “Outsourced, The Event Canceled; Chuck Renewed”

  1. Still not a big Chuck fan here, although the rest of my family looks at me as if there’s a hole in my head. Wait, they’re not the only ones.

    I liked the super early Chuck but I think they’ve jumped the shark (JTS) somewhere after 2nd season. Will have to go and pinpoint the JTS moment someday.

    But they are top-rated in getting fantastic cameos. Not only Linda Hamilton and Scott Bakula (in the past) but now Ray Wise as well !!! I still watch for these priceless appeareances.

  2. You are right, they have great guest stars. They also have Timothy Dalton, and in the past have had Kristin Kreuk, Summer Glau, Brandon Routh, etc. Summer Glau was pretty underutilized, though.

    As far as jumping the shark, I do know that at some point when they were in danger of being canceled they moved to shorter story arcs. I remember them introducing some intractable problem and thinking it would be solved at the season finale, but instead it was solved within 3 episodes. A lot of shows that don’t do that (Flash Forward, Lost, etc.) alienate new viewers, so ratings continually decline and don’t recover.

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