4 thoughts on “Crack Team Instructional Video: CPR”

  1. Doggone it !! I did not click on it yesterday and now I’m SOL (ie: cussing acronym)

    Was this video created by someone who was charging to use it ?? I’d be willing to pay .25 to watch it. This should be the new model for video on the Internet: make it a quarter to watch, like the coin-operated video games of old. In some alternate universe, we’d be watching YouTube videos on arcade screens, if they hadn’t invented the mobile phone.

  2. Very Nice. It makes me want to go out and get re-certified. I don’t know how old this video is, but the new paradigm is to skip the breaths altogether and just do the chest compressions until help arrives. But that’s not fair to the guy that is trying give CPR to say, Scarlet Johansson . Just use your best judgement : )

    Oh, as always: do not straddle the victim, unless she is wearing lingerie.

  3. The 2010 guidelines have the breaths back in again. Two years ago they were out and a few years before that they were in. Or was it the number of pumps that changed back then. I hate how they keep re-evaluating this stuff.
    Also there’s different guidelines depending on your heath-care level.

    As far as the chicks go…. there should be a serious (as is possible) study on D-rated visual aid. I might have stopped doodling throughout math classes, if the hot teacher’s boobs were hanging out. At the very least it would broaden my understanding of counting by twos, pairing, volume, and symmetry.

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