FlashForward Canceled

FlashForward has been canceled. It was a great show, the show I thought would replace Lost like Fringe is belatedly replacing X Files. Sadly, it is not to be. I guess there’s always the book, but word round the campfire is that it’s pretty different from the series.

In related news, ABC also canceled Scrubs and Better Off Ted.

One thought on “FlashForward Canceled”

  1. No big loss here. The first few episodes of FlashForward were absolutely riveting. It was great !! And then when ratings picked up the writers used the dreaded extension process to inject additional material where none was warranted. This would have been an exceptional series had it not started to feel “worked” and “tweaked.”

    Speaking of bad writing, Iron Man 2 is another example of several ideas executed well, but which when put together in one movie make for less than a whole. It really felt like several episodes of an Iron Man series. It just didn’t gel together well.

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