Replica Movie Costumes

AbbyShot is a company that makes replica costumes from famous movies (although not always in an official capacity, judging by the names, or lack thereof). Some interesting stuff. And you don’t have to wonder if you’d look silly in them. AbbyShot uses real scifi geeks as models, removing all guesswork!

If you’re hung up on Uma Thurman (and I know some of you are), you can get the jacket she wore in Kill Bill. They also have Neo’s coat from The Matrix, which looks really cool, but I’m concerned about the response I’d get if I tried to wear it. “Holy shit! Agent Smith ate Neo and stole his coat! You’re dead, you fuckin’ coat stealer!” pummel pummel pummel

No, they’ve got exactly one coat that I could pull off. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

One thought on “Replica Movie Costumes”

  1. Could you tell me who & where I could purchase a replica 1971 willy wonka outfit consisting of purple frock, vest & tie? My wife is a Gene Wilder fan, I have brought here face to face with him & his wife Karen. This would make a great brithday gift for her….

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