Dani California… Sweet

Catchy tune, great video, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are showing their long term relevance like few bands seem to be able to do these days . I enjoyed this song so much when I first heard it that I went to iTunes to purchase a copy, but sadly, my account info was garbled from a recent hard drive crash, so I didn’t buy it. I am oddly glad of this though, as it seems that this great song is destined to be overplayed on EVERY station I listen to, to the point where I will likely hate it before the full album is released May 9th. Hopefully the rest of the double album will live up to this single, yet somehow not get turned into jingles and get the Phil Collins era radio saturation that can ruin even the best album.

2 thoughts on “Dani California… Sweet”

  1. Just be lucky you’re not still in SoCal. Any RHCP song that mentions California must be played hourly, for a period of no less than 10 years (and counting!).

    I think radio is meant to be used like Headline News – you only need 1/2 hour of it before it starts repeating itself. But at least HN gets updated daily, as opposed to monthly for radio. It makes me appreciate Rhapsody even more.

  2. All hail the Misfits tribute in the video.

    I wonder if they needed to get the rights from the originals? (Some of the groups were pretty spot on.)

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