Nice try, but YUCK!

I love a good gyro, and I love Arby’s fast food, but damn, their new gyro is just not good. I am sure that there were some skinny people in California that used words like fabulous or delightful to describe it in taste testing, but they were wrong. It is none of these. Now, the cheese filled potato things with bacon chunks were GREAT, but I would probably enjoy cheese filled cat turds with that much bacon mixed in. Can’t understand how a place that gets so much on there menu so right could drop the ball on a gyro!

One thought on “Nice try, but YUCK!”

  1. I am guessing that Arby is not a Greek name. I trust a guy named Arby to make me a roast beef sandwich, but a gyro actually takes some skill (Alton Brown covered it in detail). In fact, we have a chain of semi-fast Greek restaurants called Daphne’s down here, and they’re pretty lousy, too. I think they confuse cooking with dehydrating. But they keep adding locations, so somebody must like their chicken dry as paper.

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