USB Cables Don’t Cost $30+

I know that not everybody (meaning practically nobody) comparison shops to the extent that I do. Therefore you might go into Staples or Office Depot and think that USB cables normally cost $25-35. This is at least a 100% markup. They are assuming you don’t know any better, or are buying it with a larger ticket item like a printer, and in contrast it seems less expensive. And you’re too lazy to buy it elsewhere. On top of that, I see they’re trying to carry only top of the line, gold plated cables (which might have a .000003% performance gain), so you don’t have any choices. At Staples, they go a step further and gouge you for their store brand! You’re not even getting a name brand like Belkin.

Just so you know, using you can find a longer cable for less than 1/2 the price. I just purchased a 16′ Belkin USB 2.0 cable for under $10 shipped at This is 60% longer and over 65% cheaper than Office Depot and Staples. And I earned AAdvantage miles from in the process. Yes, I have to wait a few days for my cable, but I probably could have shipped it next day air and still have saved money.

4 thoughts on “USB Cables Don’t Cost $30+”

  1. You know, twice in the past year I was forced to buy USB cables at that horrid price. Both times I(or my wife) needed the cables RIGHT NOW. That’s where they get ya.
    Maybe I should order ahead of time and stock up.

    You know what else is way overpriced? Wall Monitor mounts (also “swing arms”). 75$ and up!!!!!
    It’s a bracket with a hinge, people.
    Fuck it. I’m friendly with the on-site welder.
    I made my own.

  2. These places are obviously catering only to the uneducated or desperate consumer (I’ve also found myself in the latter category). They don’t mind pissing us off because they know they don’t get our regular business anyway. I’ve been going over the Staples circular for a while now, and whenever something looks like a good deal, some place like has it cheaper, or without rebates. Man, I hate rebates.

    Usually I know in advance if I need a cable because it’s for a new item, but sometimes you just forget that the mfr. of your new toy doesn’t throw in a $3 cable to get you going. In my case, my keyboard came with an odd size (albeit cool-looking) 5′ cable that was about a ft. too short. I really wanted it immediately (esp. after driving to two stores), but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, as it wasn’t an emergency.

  3. Hey archangel, do you need piano lessons to go with those nice new cables and keyboard?? I know where you can get some expert help really cheap….

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