A while back I heard a cool song on AOL Radio called Le Monster vs. Phofo by My Favorite. I went on to check out other stuff by My Favorite, and found that while they were decent, they didn’t create the sound I liked so much: Phofo did. I’ve had similar discoveries in the past: Super Bon Bon by Soul Coughing was only a hit when it was it remixed by Propellerheads; Battleflag by Pigeonhed and Lo Fidelity Alltars, whose collaboration created a whole greater than the sum of their parts.
     In his remix of Le Monster, Phofo infuses a lounge/bossa nova sound and snappy drums. If you listen to his other stuff, you see it’s a common theme, along with prodigious sampling. Speaking of which, he is a practicing trial lawyer (and I thought I was a renaissance man) and has set up to help other artists with this issue.
     He has many of his tracks posted as MP3s in the audio section of his site, definitely worth a listen. Notable tracks include the aforementioned Le Monster, Roger 7, and I Love Happy Funball (which was also a fantastic SNL skit: “Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.”)

2 thoughts on “Phofo”

  1. I THOUGHT I was the most open minded person about such topics.
    I see I am wrong.
    Although I appreciate the diversity of sounds,
    I can’t bring myself to listen to revived 60’s soundtracks while driving to work.
    I can’t do it.
    I was wondering though. Does anyone else here like this? Is there a big following for such a thing?
    I need help with information like this because I’m being dragged down at home by a wife who is… aaah, I can hardly say it. She is a hair-metal fanatic straight from the 80’s who won’t grow out of it. All I hear about is how their voices were better, guitars more talented.
    She baught that Monster Ballad CD from the commercials!
    Bad mouthing Winger, Poison, or White Lion is like pissing on the Quran, to her.
    Bon Jovi is her #1 HERO and she still goes to his concerts (never to anyone else’s).
    People, will you please help me?

  2. I am the opposite, the older I get, the more stuff I like. I’ve gone through several phases (most of which you were present for): 80’s heavy metal (Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, Judas Priest), 90’s alternative, industrial (my longest, most intense phase), and now indie and complex pop music. For the most part I keep adding to my list, probably with the exception of 80’s hair metal which I’ve dropped (and I’ve always hated Poison). I do like some 80’s rock, like Van Halen (with David Lee Roth). And I don’t typically listen to 60’s lounge, or big band music outright, but I like it infused into modern stuff, or remixed. I’m starting to appreciate music infused with piano, strings, a horn section, along with guitars, drums, etc. I guess I’ve just been craving variety for a long time now.

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