HD DVD and Double Layer DVDs

First, I’m finally seeing double layer discs available to the public, without being bundled with other media you don’t need. Not terribly cheap, Amazon has Verbatim DVD+Rs (which seems to have the fewest defects) for around $10 per 3 pack. I wonder how this will affect piracy now that you can copy normal DVDs with little to no quality (or feature) loss.

The other item I caught is the imminent arrival of HD DVDs. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is going on in Las Vegas right now (and some day when I’m rich I’ll get tickets), so product announcements are abound. You might have heard that Sony came up with Blu-Ray as a high definition DVD format, but the DVD Consortium decided HD DVD was the better format. True to form, Sony couldn’t lose graciously and decided to go ahead with it anyway, attempting to fracture the market. And true to form, they are about to have their asses handed to them, as Toshiba is coming out with their HD DVD player several months ahead of Sony. And one other thing, heck, probably not even worth mentioning, shouldn’t have much impact at all. It’s half the friggin price! Booya! Of course, Sony will probably retaliate by not putting their movies in HD DVD format, so you’ll have to wait a long time, or by a Blu-Ray player, if you want to see a high def Kirstin Dunst all wet and cold and thinly-t-shirted in Spiderman. As much as I’d like to buy an HD DVD player as soon as they’re released, I can’t help but remember that the standard DVD players didn’t have all the kinks worked out until the 3rd generation. However, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop myself once Netflix comes on board.

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2 thoughts on “HD DVD and Double Layer DVDs”

  1. I don’t agree with your assessment, for although HD-DVD devices will market first, the Blue Ray camp has more movie studios’ backing for content. This is from http://www.digitalbits.com:

    “Still, with ALL of the major Hollywood studios save Universal already committed to supporting Blu-ray, and with ONLY Universal, Paramount, Warner, HBO and New Line in the HD-DVD camp, HD-DVD is going to have a very tough row to hoe.”

    So it looks again like format quality is not going to decide a winner; marketing and positioning will be the winning factors.

  2. Yes, I was waiting for your insight. Too bad that HD DVD has fewer backers, but I won’t count out price advantage. Well, at least I have hope. Anyone planning a dual player? I’m sure anyone can license the HD DVD technology, but I imagine Sony’s keeping a tight grip on the Blu-ray technology.

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