Out: AOL Radio; In: Commercial Free

To paraphrase Milton, if I have to hear one more Geico commercial, I’m going to blow up the building. I don’t care if I’ll save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance. If I do switch from 21st Century (who’s getting way too expensive), it won’t be to Geico. Because AOL Radio plays their commercials on every one of their stations. All. The. Freaking. Time.
     Since they only have two sponsors (Dorritos being the other), I have to drop them to retain my sanity. I previously wrote good things about them, and I’m officially taking them back. I wish I didn’t have to, because I did like the music and the easy links to AMG. Anyway, this is what I’m pimpin’ now:

I found these guys through iTunes, and listen to the Indie Pop Rocks station. Very few interruptions, and a good music selection. Belle and Sebastian, Guided by Voices, Elliot Smith. They also just introduced me to The Go! Team (no affiliation with The Crack Team… as far as you know!), which is next on my pickup list. Also check out the Secret Agent channel, a modern take on 60s lounge music, Bossa Nova, and Connery-era James Bond. And occasionally a little Bollywood flavor throw in. Very chill.

They have a couple indie stations, one modern and one classic (which the announced with King Crimson background music, so it must be good). More cool music, no commercials (although they do remind you they’re listener supported, but that’s way less obnoxious than an insurance commercial).

ChroniX Aggression
What’s sometimes referred to as “alternative metal”. Fear Factory, Slipknot, System of a Down. Good music to get the heart pumping, before you rip it out and wolf it down.

What I like about these stations is that they display the artist and song while they’re playing, so you can punch it into your search bar and get more info. 3wk will even tell you the album and the label its on.

Now I just gotta find a replacement for the WB station… not that I listen to any of that really catchy pop music. You can’t prove it!

6 thoughts on “Out: AOL Radio; In: Commercial Free”

  1. I’ll have to look into these because I think my account with Launch@Yahoo.com is expired. But otherwise, if you sign up with that, it’s commercial free, offers videos, and has in the past opened my ears to some great new bands.

  2. Call me ignorant, but I listen to Sirius in MY car. (kidding, sort of)
    I’m GUESSING you guys are referring to streaming radio which I had no idea had an audience. Enlighten me. Is this something you listen to at home, like using your computer through a home stereo setup or desktop speakers. My final guess would be that you have an employer that allows using office-owned computers or terminals to listen through while your on break. I’m thankful enough to get onto Ebay on our server at work. And no speakers are to be connected, thank you very much! WE CAN’T EVEN GET NEW PENS WITHOUT BEING INTEROGATED OVER WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR OLD PEN! rambling rambling rambling… And am I the only person who thinks “Office Space” wasn’t even funny enough to quote? I’m so old. Give me “Caddyshack” for laughs or even “The Meaning of Life”.
    I’m done now.

  3. Actually, I used to listen to Sirius on the internet when they first came out, it was free. Then they started cutting you off after 5 minutes or so. Lame.

    I listen to internet radio through my computer at home, on my computer speakers or headphones. I just like a lot of variety in my music, and like being exposed to new music.

    As for work, I don’t even have internet access at my desk; I gotta go to a separate room for that. It’s a bullpen, so anything with audio would piss off the others in the room. And we’re not allowed to bring in CDs, MP3 players, etc. All for “security” reasons, which is BS. It does suck. But I still love Office Space.

  4. ZBalance. You are too old. Office space is definitely funny enough to quote. Now get back to those TPT reports.

  5. The only KINDA funny part was the Milton guy who was on-screen for like 2 minutes. hahahahah so funny.
    I think one needs to work in a cubicle to really relate to the movie. We blue collar types need the slapstick comedy where people get hurt a lot. And dont even tell me what “TPT reports” are because then I will be one of you guys and I don’t want to be successful and productive. Don’t make me. Don’t. No! Brake fluid. Look at my fingernails. Still brake fluid filth from the work I did on my clutch 4 days ago. Yes. Yes! I’m back!. That was close. Low brow comedy for me. Family Guy, The War at Home. BTW It’s my kids fault I’m old. If I was single, I’d be playing a video game right now instead of cleaning up toys. 14 more years and they’re out of here, then PS8 or XBOX 720 WILL BE MINE!

  6. Hey, are these available as podcast material?? You had a great point about having to play music at your PC (unless you’ve bought hardware to spread it around the house). I’d rather take the music with me, using the great Digisette MP3 player!! (see “Tomorrow is Yesterday”)

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