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Transitions Lenses: The Futon of the Optics World

I once watched a comedian do a funny skit on why Futons suck.  The argument went something along the lines of taking a really uncomfortable couch and turning it into a really uncomfortable bed.  It tried to be two things at once and it wasn’t especially good at either of them.  After 5 years and 2 prescription changes I decided it was time for a change of glasses and an upgrade to my prescription.  My doctor recommended transitions lenses and said they had come a long way in functionality.  For those that haven’t heard of them, transitions lenses switch from “clear” to “dark” and are supposed to act like sunglasses when you go outside.  The receptionist who sold me the glasses (not at the same office I get my exams done) said that they switch back and forth in under a minute and that they were good for people with light colored eyes (like me) because they are more sensitive to the sun.  Since I don’t wear contacts and I really didn’t feel like buying new prescription sunglasses due to the cost, I went for it.  I’d always been curious about them anyway so I figured what the heck.  Here is one of those times when not doing my typical level of research made my realize why I usually do so much research before buying things I will be stuck with for a while.

I’ve had them for about 2 weeks now and I have to say I think they are a complete waste of money.  Here are my reasons why:

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