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Design and Code

The Poetic Prophet, AKA Moserious, raps at ya about designing and coding your site. Yes, your web site. And yes. It is awesome.

Ironically, going to his site triggered a Quicktime update message that crashed Firefox. The message noted that the latest Quicktime fixes many serious bugs. Indeed. But even though I was in the middle of writing this very post, Firefox restored this edit page with all my text in tact. Oh Mozilla, is there anything you can’t do? (Other than not crash in the first place?)

Tip of the hat to Ray and Or.

Rate My Drawings!

RateMyDrawings is an online drawing competition that allows artists and illustrators to draw online. Users submit drawings by using a Flash based drawing software tool, and people rate drawings a score from 1 to 10 (A masterpiece or disaster piece). [From RateMyDrawings.com]

I’ve signed up and done a few portraits. Here’s a recent one of Elliott Smith:

You can see my other works in my profile:


Setting up a profile is free! Monthly contests are held and prizes are given. Although, the prizes don’t seem worth the effort besides the recognition. Grand prize winner(s) get a blown up version of your art piece printed on canvas. I imagine the resolution and final image can’t be all that great. But, I still think the site is a great way to create and share your artwork.

Speaking of “Art”, I think it would be a PERFECT addition to the list of categories here. 😉

Sept/06 Automobile Magazine

So Automobile Magazine just put out an article entitled The top 25 Most Beautiful Cars of All Time.

I’m an proud owner of the second-generation 300zx (90-96) which made the list.
I’m taking a lot of heat for this in the forums since everyone has their own idea about which cars belong on the list.
Stock 300zx
stock 300zx

I agree that the list is lacking many favorites, but the real issue is that it’s too hard to make a list of only 25. The list should be “Top 100” to be more fair.

One point people have made is that the list lacks “muscle cars” when they were in their prime. However I feel these cars were far from beautiful. (Badass, yes. But not beautiful.)

Many feel the 300zx doesn’t belong on the list. This is where I point out such facts as: The 90-96 300zx won Car and Driver’s ten best cars list EVERY SINGLE YEAR it was produced, as well as many other awards from other publications.

One forum fellow argued that if a 300zx were to pass by today, nobody would even give it a second look.
This is my point exactly! The 300zx was introduced with such a radical design from it’s previous edition (84-89) that it looked more like a concept car than a production car. It took years for other manufacturers to follow suit.
I believe the 300zx single handedly converted the auto industry’s styling from the dart-style of the 80’s to the bubble-look of today.
Don’t believe me? Do a search for ANY other car from the early 90’s and compare it to the 1990 300zx.
Mustang? RX7?
Or how about non-sporty cars that are popular today.
Civic? Accord?
It took years for the other manufacturers to catch up.

1992 Camaro

1993 Mustang

So in a way, the forum-fellow is correct. The 300zx wouldn’t get a second look today because this 16 year-old car still fits into to today’s styling.

Not to mention the upgrade potential!
Modded 300zx
mod 300zx

If you are bored, you can log-in to Myspace and check out my 1990 300zx (and 1998 Maxima) pics at http://www.myspace.com/zerobalance

Professor CheX

Bank of America doesn’t carry my Looney Toons checks anymore, and doesn’t put current check designs online, since they don’t need more money. So I had to check out (pun intended, bitch) third parties to find something cool. And something cool I found: X-men checks! They kick ass, and demonstrate my mutant banking powers. I also found a bunch of other cool checks:

There are many checks for those young and old. If you’re 8, and somehow have a checking account, there’s Spongerobert Rectangulartrousers. And if you’re over 40, and live with as many cats, you are golden. There are so many lame check designs that your head will explode. I recommend Strawberry Shortcake riding a pegasus that’s f#cking a unicorn (set of four scenes).