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Christian Bale’s New Dance Hit

Caution: none of these links are safe for work. One has a photo of RuPaul. Be safe.

Christian Bale recently got, um, peeved, when the DP ruined another scene on the set of Terminator 4 by walking through it. Not one to waste such great material from a talented artist, music producer Lucian Piane turns lemons into lemonade. By which I mean he turns profanity into a club hit.

You can download the Bale Out MP3 here.

3:10 To Awesomeville

3:10 to Yuma” is currently sitting at the #1 spot for movies I’ve liked this year.� This could possibly be because I don’t recall all that many movies but this seriously was one awesome movie.� There was some great dialog, some great action, and some great acting.� I’ll leave the real review to Agent Archangel but in case anyone was on the fence about this one… go see it!

I am really curious to see the original now as I hear that was also good.