3 thoughts on “The Good ol’ Days.”

  1. Wow, you are entering the way-back machine. Beast! It’s hard to explain to others just how revolutionary that game was. The only way to do it would be a comparison with another popular game at the time. Wikipedia has a great page to put it into reference:


    Shit was still coming out on the Apple II! I struggle to come up with a modern equivalent. It’s like modern PC graphics vs. N64.

    I also like the 2001 t-shirt, it may be the best there. Also, I already have the “Space Invader School” t-shirt from Threadless – hope this guy isn’t copying :-/

  2. I’d put Xenon2 up with it though. That Cuddlefish still freaks me out. Anything Bitmap Brothers did was great. Psygnosis had a few poor ones mixed with the greats but the t-shirt-in-a-box idea was never done again by anyone that I know of. I had a “Beast II” and an “Awesome” shirt I wore for years until they fell apart.
    Their music was unrivaled as well. I have a folder of mp3s in all my devices devoted to those games.

  3. All good points. I’d go so far to say that Beast had the strongest initial impression, but I played and enjoyed Xenon 2 a lot more. Heck, I got a ton of play time out of that Three Stooges game. Game play in Beast was lacking, esp. in comparison to its jaw dropping graphics.

    The free t-shirt is a smart idea, and a lot better than all the special edition versions that Blizzard, etc. puts out. I don’t care about posters and books with artwork. Although I know people who enjoyed the CD with the score to WOW, and you also mentioned listening to game music outside the game, so that was a good idea.

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