2 thoughts on “Fuck. Yes.”

  1. I saw this a while ago and watched the follow up interviews. The little prick acts like he’s the victim and very obviously feigns an apology. The real part that pisses me off is Mr Scrawny#2 who still wants trouble by following our hero. BUT GETS PUSHED BACK BY A GIRL. I cant find anything posted about him online, but he needs some humiliation too.
    Everyone is too busy laughing at the little punk going “derp, what happened?” to notice the rest of it. Watch again.

  2. I saw that first time through, but you’re right to point it out. Having lived through similar episodes (with less than noble results), the little bastards don’t start shit unless there’s a larger asshole or two nearby to jump in and protect them, which he was clearly looking to do. The girl rocks for telling him to back off, but you can see at the end he walks past her and continues after Casey. I assume it was to talk more shit.

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