I really, really dislike 3-D films.   This is very strange, because I’m a big fan of stereoscopy (more to follow in a later post).   I’ve found the filming style a bit contrived and just a tad silly.  But on the other hand,  if I can get my 3-D jollies on the cheap  (without dishing 13.50 or more per outing)   then I’m all for new technologies.

The Picture Show theatre (Santa Ana Main Place Mall)  now offers second run 3-D movies for $3.00  and that’s not a mis-type.  On Tuesdays,  3-D movies are a measly three bucks (four dollars all other days).     And from what I can tell you get the regular 3-D glasses packed in sanitary plastic.   Maybe they’ll offer a 50-cent discount if I bring my own.

But for now,  this is pretty amazing price-point for the technology.  Check them out here:  http://www.pictureshowent.com/locations/santa-location

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  1. I don’t like the whole glasses thing. The only 3D tech I found cool, was the next Nintendo DS coming out soon. It uses a different 3D method that gives realistic depth without any Robocop shades.
    Another thing that annoys me is when they purposely add parts to a movie just to emphasize 3D. Scenes that would seem silly in 2D. Like a scientist grabs a beaker and swings it way too close to the camera then places it on the table far away, just to make you go ooooh. Gimmicky and lame. Save that shit for Disney World theater rides.

    If 3D survives, I’m guessing it will go the same route as surround sound which has it’s uses, but will never wipe out stereo.

  2. Surround sound vs. stereo is a great comparison, I agree. You can do some fantastic sound editing, but your movie better not suck to someone wearing headphones (although I hear the surround sound headphones are amazing). At least most producers/marketers make it easy to tell if it’s gimmicky by putting 3D right in the title of the biggest offenders.

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