The Best Celebrity Slave Leias

I’ve noted a wonderful new trend these past few years: hot celebrity babes dressing up as Princess Leia in her metal bikini slave costume. Not a ton, and maybe I’m being liberal with the word “celebrity”1, but enough to get my attention. Here are my favorites. And by favorites, I mean all I could find. If you know of more, let me know and I’ll add them.

Carrie Fisher
Update: As Blade Runner commented, I really need to start with the original for comparison purposes. So here’s the woman who set the bar.

Kristen Bell
Best for last? Screw that! Best for first! Bell was in Fanboys, that movie about the Star Wars fans that drive cross country to break into Skywalker Ranch and see a rough cut of The Phantom Menace2. You didn’t see it, but it’s a fun movie and it’s on cable. And it has hottie3 Kristen Bell as a brunette. And also (sorry for the spoiler) as slave Leia:

Yvonne Strahovski
I don’t know what drugs I was on when I omitted this initially, but they must have been good considering she was one of the main reasons for this article and I have another post devoted to her. Anyway, this is from an episode of Chuck, which makes sense since it’s often making geek pop culture references. She definitely rocks the metal bikini.

Olivia Munn
No surprise, she’s a big time geek icon.

Melissa Joan Hart

Jennifer Anniston
This is from an episode of Friends not surprisingly titled “The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy”. Help me Dr. Geller, you’re my only hope!

Adrianne Curry
Starting to really stretch celebrity, Curry is a model and Peter Brady’s wife.

Kelly Brook
Total Film magazine made a spread with Kelly Brook in movie-themed bikinis. This is the least authentic Leia bikini and hair, yet for some reason I can accept it. Probably because it’s the most heavenly body on this page. But I’d still take Kristen Bell over all of them.

If you liked this, check out Leia’s Metal Bikini, a fan site dedicated to the illustrious garment and those who have taken up the mantle.

You’ll probably also enjoy this hot, wet footage of the G4 Slave Leia charity car wash that happened earlier this year in LA. I’m still tracking down the person I need to kill for not telling me about this.

That’s all folks. My prediction for the next geek-babe trend? Orion slave girls:

  1. Not unlike every reality/competition show out there. []
  2. This thing is available on VHS, but not Blu-ray? WTF? []
  3. Firefox wants me to replace hottie with hogtie. A little creepy. []

4 thoughts on “The Best Celebrity Slave Leias”

  1. 1st place: Olivia Munn. Runner up: Adrianne Curry. Sorry, Kristen Bell.

    And as the celebrity decreases, the poses and risque factor increases !! Adrianne Curry may yet make number 1.

    Jennifer Anniston looks so humorless as to make the photos distasteful. Now I know why guys dump gorgeous-looking girls. It’s all about the attitude. This is borne by tabloid stories about her, if you believe such things.

    Too bad you could not include a shot of the original Leia, just for comparison purposes. But thank you for the compilation; it was enjoyable.

    PS. I saw a short film on how they make up the Orion slave girl, and it was pretty intricate. But the results end up being quite cheesy. Oh well.

  2. As requested, I added Carrie Fisher as a benchmark. See above.

    If you don’t know any of these women from a previous context, it’s just a swimsuit competition. No personality except what you see in the photos. The reason I like Bell is I like the roles she’s played in Veronica Mars, Forgetting Sarah Marshal, and the aforementioned Fanboys. Plus extra geek credit for doing Heroes. Watching those might change your mind. But I’m also biased towards petite girls.

    To be honest, I don’t remember that episode of Friends, and those are random screencaps, so it’s hard to say how she was supposed to be acting. I’m not one to believe the tabloids, but her coworkers have affectionately referred to her as emotional with her heart on her sleeve. That may be as hard to deal with long-term as it is initially endearing.

  3. Hmm… did the cute gal from “Chuck” ever do the Princess Leia thing ?? Now I have to go search for this wonderful image.

    As long as the other co-stars did not dress as a Chewbacca or Jabba the Hut. That would be disturbing.

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