Java 4-ever

If you are a Java or .NET developer, or just lived through the Sun-Microsoft war, you should find this very amusing. Lots of little touches. There are a few seconds that will not be work appropriate, but overall it’s safe. It’s also in HD, although the embedded player may not show that.

Update: As pointed out in the comments, the original video went private, so here is another in HD. However, the few naughty seconds (no nudity) require you to sign in.

3 thoughts on “Java 4-ever”

  1. The video embed you provided is private for friends of the user only.
    but its easy to find in a search – “Java 4ever”

  2. Just watched the video without signing in to Youtube. Even went to to make sure I wasn’t logged in.
    Where do you live? Failifornia? Haha Yeah I’m awesome.

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