2 thoughts on “Premakes: What Could Have Been”

  1. Some parts of these are almost TOO good.
    Like at 1:26 of the first clip when he actually says the word “ghostbuster”.
    I can’t tell if it’s damn good editing or a really lucky find.

  2. Some good comments being issued off-thread. Here they are:

    BTW, regarding the “premakes” on the CT site, I cannot vouch for the Ghostbusters or Forrest Gump, but the “Raiders” one is real. Raiders was actually a shameless rip-off of “Secret of the Incas” starring Charleton Heston; clips from that are what you see in that trailer. I’ve seen the film. It was not the greatest, but the concept theft is rather shocking, even down to the leather jacket, fedora, and light shining in to point to the treasure.

    You know, I was wondering about Charlton Heston….. now I have to
    get a copy of that B&W movie !! I have seen most of the Republic
    serials on which Indiana Jones was based. Shocking to see that
    Spielberg has hidden his source material. More likely: it is more
    honorable for film to rip-off (or pay homage to) a TV serial than to
    admit that it ripped off another movie.

    I wonder if Secret of the Incas was a Paramount title??

    All the premakes are fakes using found footage. The Ghostbusters one uses Fred MacMurray footage from (I think) The AbsentMinded Professor or Son of Flubber. I’m sure Bob Hope was in a few goofy ghost movies. Not sure about Forrest Gump.

    Looks like Secret of the Incas never made it to DVD. Can’t find it on Netflix or Amazon.

    Be sure to look for Richie Cunningham’s mom, Marion Ross,
    in the film. From Happy Days.

    Robert Young’s final film. After that, he went to TV,
    as in Father Knows Best. And Marcus Welby MD.

    And there are apparently some transparent sexual
    innuendos by an older, married woman character
    in the film, directed at Charleton Heston.

    There’s more: the mysterious Yma Sumac, [picture removed]
    who sings in the film.

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