Hitler was amazing

ly evil.
Lately it seems every reference to wrongdoing is now compared to Hitler or at least one of his actions. It’s especially seen on the news. People believe that their point won’t be realized unless the reader/viewer comes to terms with the following:
If you disagree with me, you are pretty much a Nazi.
and it works. “I don’t want to be like Hitler! So I agree with you!”
Hitler. The go-to bad guy, king of the unholy.
Did he set the bar or what?
Osama Bin Ladin is like “helloooo, I’m blowing things up here! Compare something to me!”
Even Satan’s sighing “You know… once everyone blamed ME for all the evil in the world.”
Dude. Hitler gased and cooked millions of innocents, wanted to take over as much of the world as possible, and got much of his country to agree with his actions. Wow!
When it came to charisma, this dude rolled an 18 for sure.
Sorry Satan, but anything short of armageddon ain’t going to outshine Hitler’s life. Stop dancing around in that lame red ensemble, drop the pitchfork and get to work.
And Osama, look at you! at least Hilter knew the importance of grooming. Hitler was married to Eva Braun. She was hot!
Come on Osama. Hanging out in caves plotting with other men day after day, does nothing for your image.
All I’m saying is, when it came to evil, Hitler turned it up to eleven.
Hitler is to bad
golf balls are to hail.
Without him, there’d be no decent reference.
You gotta respect a guy for giving it his all.
Like it or not. He’s immortal.

4 thoughts on “Hitler was amazing”

  1. I have just responded to the Hitler Coloring Book article in defense of the President. He is definitely not evil on the Hitler or Stalin scale. He’s not even in the Hillary Clinton scale (I voted for him in the state primaries over his Democratic rival).


    My main point was to posit that government-run communiques, no matter how benign, establish a channel that could be used for evil purposes. Hitler did it, and it was not that hard to do. The very fact that this type of device is being fought here in America means that we have learned the lessons of history and we have seen how a well-meaning tool can be corrupted.

    Some are calling this brouhaha “politics as usual” but I defer back to a quote by Thomas Jefferson that sums up why I think we are debating this action:

    “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

  2. Your point is clear enough. It’s mine that’s fuzzy.
    This isn’t directed at you Bladerunner although the timing makes it appear that way, it’s just that the previous post reminded me to write this down.
    I’ve been ranting (verbally) about how Hilter is being over-used on point/counterpoint programs CONSTANTLY. It’s a cheap way to win the audience, and actually sways me away from their side, once I hear it.
    I see it all the time, especially during the health care debate. I don’t care if someone feels that the health care plan has socialistic elements, but let’s be clear here; A vote for the new health care plan does not equal a vote supporting the Holocost.

  3. Got ya. Hitler does tend to get overused; it should be a verb now (let’s Hitler that motherf-er!). And we forget how kind he was to his dogs. I’ve seen footage of the fuhrer at his mountain hideaway cavorting with his little four-legged friends. There was also a great film, I think it was called “The Bunker,” that shows his final days. In the end, this account shows him not as monstrous but merely pathetic.

    People dream (in a sick way) of becoming as iconic as Hitler. The only person that comes close enough, in my opinion, is John F. Kennedy. They really did a fantastic job crafting the “Camelot” myth and selling it to the world. I recall having a kids’ book about JFK when growing up. The last picture of the book was the President’s face on the coin: pretty darn inspiring. Marylin Monroe and Princess Diana may give him a run for his money, but nobody comes close to Hitler territory. Too bad.

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