Nadia Oh

When I created a Pandora channel for Uffie, it kept playing stuff by Nadia Oh, who I never heard before.1 I won’t over-hype this – it’s well produced dance music sung by a cute British chick. Here are some songs off Hot Like Wow, produced by Space Cowboy.

Something 4 The Weekend


Got Your Number

My Egyptian Lover

  1. BTW, Uffie make very different music, especially lyrically and vocally. And she’s got some really hot images out there. []

2 thoughts on “Nadia Oh”

  1. A moment to rant.
    You mention this was “sung” by a cute British chick. I see a cute British chick TALKING over music.
    No talent at all. Shut up and get naked.
    These videos seem to want to break out as an SNL skit at any moment. They are so “me me me look at me”.
    As Family Guy’s Peter would say. “It insists upon itself”.
    But to follow up, Yes there are some hot images of Uffie out there. Thanks for that.

  2. No arguments. I just thought the music was well produced and catchy, but with most dance music, the vocalist is interchangeable. She’s got a cute voice, so the fact that everything wasn’t an over the top diva belting rendition (like most club/house music) was fine by me. Uffie has a sort of talking/rapping Shatner-esque style, too. But she doesn’t have videos I can easily post.

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