Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Canceled; Dollhouse Renewed

It’s official, Fox has terminated Sarah Connor. There were rumors that Terminator: Salvation would reinvigorate interest in the series, but the bastards say it costs too much. So no more Summer Glau, Lena Headey, Stephanie Jacobsen, or Leven Rambin. At least not in one place. Stephanie Jacobsen will be playing a call-girl/med school student on the new Melrose Place. For the rest, the future is unclear. As unclear as that annoying, cliffhanger ending (which was actually great until the show was canceled). At this point, I’d be thrilled by a 2 hour special tying up the loose ends and clearing up the confusion.

On the bright side, Dollhouse has been renewed, albeit at on a lower budget. It’s a decent show, but I can’t help thinking I liked Terminator better. Heck, I liked Firefly way better.

One thought on “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Canceled; Dollhouse Renewed”

  1. Well, Netflix has given these series a second life. I’m watching the whole of Firefly and also Sarah Connor Chronicles (both featuring Summer Glau!!) and enjoying the material that was shown (ignore “what could have been”).

    I especially enjoyed the premiere episode of Sarah CC since I missed it live and then tried to catch up from episode 2. I guess the rest of the material must have remained unshown and then made available via DVD ??

    Also I’m amazed at the glut of awful-yet-wonderful 50’s movie content that’s available. This may need to be documented in a follow-up article. Once I have more material.

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