True Blood Goes Down Easy

When I first saw the promo photos for True Blood, I figured it was CBS female spook-fest a la Ghost Whisperer and other Friday night shows I don’t watch. Sultry southern vampire stories without nudity or profanity or any reason to watch them.

I was wrong. On many counts.

First, it’s not TV, it’s HBO, who has no problems with profanity or nudity. In fact, they put boobies right in the opening title sequence.

Second, it stars Anna Paquin, who I adore. What can I say, she is adorable. She’s also a blonde in True Blood, and Alan Ball had fun with a Lolita sunbathing homage.

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse

And third, yes, it’s written and directed by Alan Ball, who wrote American Beauty. I saw that 4 times in the theater, as I was so impressed with the writing. OK, sure, Thora Birch and Mena Suvari’s revealing portrayals might have had an influence. But it takes a brilliant writer to get actresses to be so… revealing.

Anyway, it’s a great show, so be sure to catch a rerun of the pilot before the next episode airs Sunday night.

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2 thoughts on “True Blood Goes Down Easy”

  1. I agree, I saw the first two episodes and I like it so far. Yeah, Buffy came to mind when I saw the the promotions, but it actually has good pacing and story-telling. It reminds me a little like Steven King’s Kingdom Hospital. Maybe it’s the fact it’s set in the south of Louisiana that slows everything down a little. Anyways, I’m liking it so far. The mind-reading may get a little annoying after awhile, though. 🙂

  2. Per my son’s request, must correct you to “Anna Paquin, whom I adore.” And no, he did not read the article and accompanying picture; he would have liked the latter. He’s becoming quite the expert on nominative/subjective case usage, and takes me to task often.

    Wow. the blonde tresses make all the difference. I may come over to your house if you still have the premier episode; soon my TIVO will be DOA when digital tv arrives next year. I am still hoping that TIVO will support the converter boxes through their IR interface.

    Back to Anna Paquin: some entertainment reports still cite “The Piano” in listing her filmography. I am so sure that there are so many other movies, including the X-men series, that define her a whole lot better. Just not in an Oscar-worthy way. Here’s hoping that the TV series leads her into more serious, troubled roles.

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