Wall-E in DLP


Yesterday I braved the crowds and the alarming number of children at the theatre, attending this movie.  Kids at a children’s movie, what a concept.  However, the movie was a real pleasure and definitely worth a viewing.

More importantly, I found myself in a DLP theatre, by mere circumstance.  Wall-E in DLP is a real pleasure, and not to be missed.  Couple that with a very generous admission price of 5.00 before 6PM and I had an all-around great experience.  The theater is located in La Palma, Orange County.  You can find it by going to the DLP website and searching your local area code.  As always, my only gripe is that the theatre does not list the DLP theatre separately from its print counterparts, so you have to call ahead to find out where you need to be before the 6PM bell tolls.  Try DLP, you’ll like it.

I also experienced that rarity: a breakdown in the DLP projector halfway through the movie.  However, I can report that unlike the days of old, the system reboot only took a few seconds; no need to bring up the houselights while the white-clad team of   repairmen descended on the clean room housing the projector.   The movie continued and I can report that it’s worth your time.

I’ll let someone else with a good graphics background report on the movie itself.  I am only an awe-struck theatre-goer that appreciates quality work.

2 thoughts on “Wall-E in DLP”

  1. The DLP times at our theatre are separately listed, but the times weren’t convenient for us that day so I just watched it ‘standard’.
    That being said, the movie itself was yet another Pixar masterpiece.
    I believe viewers of all ages will enjoy the film, although a child under 8 might not grasp the storyline without a little help.

  2. Kudos to the theatre owners for this pricing policy. I will go back to watch it one more time in DLP, and this time I’ll get the extra-large popcorn. We really need to support the theatre owners when they do the right thing.

    If they went back to offering pizza and deli-style desserts at the concession stand (like at the old Century Cinedome in Orange) then I’d have it made. Century 25 in Anaheim has the coffee and ice cream, but no pizza. The food is where they make the money (not in ticket sales, a large percentage of which go back to the studios) so that’s where I’d like to show my support. Never mind my waistline.

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