I blame watching The Brave One

Reading this security warning about mean people that use a virus to encrypt your data and then offer to sell you a decryption key got me thinking. How bout we start a Google Answers type service where people can donate for a “virtual” hit on these dirtbags. If you get infected with a nasty virus and you want to get even, throw $20 into the pool for the virus or exploit that got you, and when it gets high enough, someone will think it is worth their time to “disrupt” the life of the people that infected you. Sure, it is probably hard to track them down, but my guess is that for enough money, people could get pretty creative. Besides, how hard could it be to outsmart these guys (I hear they share a bed with their mother and are dating their neighbor’s goat).

One thought on “I blame watching The Brave One”

  1. It’s crazy how much effort they put into perfecting the virus. Don’t these assholes know how much they can get paid for doing security consulting? A lot more than they’ll get blackmailing poor victims. That line of work doesn’t get you on the bullet train to hell, either.

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