Metal Gear Solid PS3 Bundle

It looks like I may finally get my PS3 in less than a month. I was waiting around for the rumored 120GB version, since the 80GB is out of production. Well, I’ve decided I won’t wait past June 12th, when the MGS PS3 Bundle comes out. It will have:

The whole thing is $500, so it’s like you get the upgraded controller and video game for free; that’s probably a $100 value. I will be putting that towards an extra controller and, if I feel like spending ridiculous money on (what most would call) a minor convenience, the infrared to bluetooth converter and the Harmony One remote.1

  1. I really love my Universal Automator, but there seems to be no way to support the IR2BT. []

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  1. $500 could get you a Wii and Wii Fit system, too. Have you looked into that console or are you set on a PS3?

  2. While I think the Wii itself is a lot of fun, it can’t play BD, which is the main reason I’m getting the PS3. Also, I absolutely refuse to pay a markup on a console. Maybe when they sell for list price again I’ll consider buying one.

    I’ve seen the Wii Fit, but I’m not excited by it. Even a friend who’s buying it said, “it looks like something I’ll use for 3 days and forget about.” Maybe that’s true of most exercise equipment.

    And if the Fit becomes a huge success, I’m sure someone will make a clone for the PS3.

  3. Just out of curiosity… How did you decide on the PS3? I am thinking about a console system and can’t decide which one makes the most sense.

  4. It was pretty simple: I wanted a BD player. I checked out wikipedia on this:

    From that, I decided I wanted a BD-Live player. The only player capable of that is the PS3. Panasonic will be coming out with one later this year, but it will cost $800 and can’t play Oblivion 🙂 In addition, since the PS3 is software upgradable, there’s a good chance it will work with Profile 3 when that comes out.

    Of the other consoles, the Wii seems like the most fun. However, there’s still a $75-100 markup on it and I can’t bring myself to pay that.

    The XBOX 360 has the best game selection, but no BD player. The word from MS seems to alternate between, “Sure, we’ll be adding a BD player soon!” and “Who told you we were doing that??? There are no plans for a BD player!”

    While the game selection for the PS3 sucks, it is slowly getting better. Now that Blu-ray is the standard, sales are humming along well, which will drive more games. The release of GTA and MGS should also fuel console sales. Heck, I’m surprised there isn’t a GTA PS3 bundle with special pimp-hand controller.

    Also, if you consider the 80GB PS3 has PS2 emulation, the game selection flips to best in class. I’ve heard “who cares about PS2 games?” and “who doesn’t already have a PS2?” Well, this is my first console since the Atari 2600, and I’m happy to get a used copy of Street Fighter Anniversary Collection to tide me over until Marvel vs. Capcom hits the PS3. I just need to get a PS3 adapter for my X-arcade stick when that happens.

  5. While there is still a markup on individual Wii consoles, there are a couple bundles. I had previously only seen the Walmart bundle which forces you to buy some useless accessories and crappy games (along with some good stuff) for $600. However, I just saw this at Game Stop, and it seems very reasonable for $400:

    I think I’d buy most of that stuff anyway. I’m not a big Mario fan, but Galaxy doesn’t look like a bad game. I’d probably get that if I didn’t need the BD player.

  6. Wii consoles are starting to show up at Best Buy and Circuit City around Seattle, at the normal price.

    Still, no blu-ray on the Wii, and seriously, blu-ray ROCKS. You can set up your Netflix account to send you blu-ray, though it does force you to watch every movie on your blu-ray player, which blows if you want to watch something on a plane or on another TV. I wish they let you choose format on an individual basis.

    Back to the PS3 though, that is a nice bundle for sure. I bought my bundle at Costco to and got some extra crap and the new Ratchet and Clank. Honestly, the games on the PS3 leave something to be desired, but then again, I gave my XBOX 360 to my brother when I ran out of games for it. My guess is that unless you have real low standards, none of the consoles will satisfy even a moderate gaming habit.

    Actually, the only console game I have played in the last month is my Wii Fit, which is where I am heading once I hit submit!

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