Iron Man is Solid

I got a chance to take a break from school and took a look at Iron Man over the weekend. I thought it was awesome. I don’t know much, if anything, about the comic book so I don’t know how faithful the story was, but the plot was good, the action was great, the CG was great, and I thought Robert Downey Jr. was great.

Just be sure to sit through the end of the credits!

2 thoughts on “Iron Man is Solid”

  1. I agree, it was excellent. I had a problem with the last line of the film, but after a trip to Wikipedia I realized I’m just out of the loop.

    I did have another, huge problem with it – no IMAX version! This would have been awesome in IMAX, and I would go see it again if they converted it.

  2. best movie in a long time… that I wasn’t expecting to be very good. Great in every way that mattered. Go see it or find something to poke in your eye, you choose.

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