Star Trek Film Cast: Seriously?

I just read the cast listing of the new Star Trek film and my reaction was, “Holy shit. Really?” I knew it was a prequel directed by J.J. Abrams. I had no idea how much they were going to reinvent the show. Here’s the cast:

Bones will be played by Karl Urban. This is the first severe departure as Karl has mainly played big tough guys in Doom, Bourne Supremacy, The Chronicles of Riddick, Lord of the Rings, even Xena. When you think of Bones, you don’t actually picture a guy who could crush your bones:
Karl Urban as Bones

Sulu will be played by John Cho, aka Harold from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. He’s also the guy who introduced us to the term MILF in American Pie. But I don’t think he’s responsible for MILF Hunter. Anyway, not too big of a stretch. The real disappointment is that H&K2 won’t take place in Amsterdam. Lame.

Spock will be played by Zachary Quinto, Sylar from Heroes. Sylar is pretty emotionless, so he’s got practice, but I won’t be able to stop wondering when he’ll bash an alien in the head and steal its powers.

Scotty will be played by Simon Pegg. You of course remember him as Shaun of the Dead, and the super cop from Hot Fuzz. (If you didn’t see it, BTW, Hot Fuzz was awesome.) My first ignorant thought was, “But he’s not Scottish!” Then I remembered James Doohan was Canadian and faked the accent. This is my favorite casting; Simon Pegg kicks ass.

Well, everyone else is an unknown, except for Eric Bana who plays Nero. I’m assuming that’s the bad guy. He’s probably an alien gambler who turns into an unstoppable green monster when he loses money. And it looks like Nimoy will make an appearance as Old Spock. But I’m rather concerned, because I think Shatner is practically irreplaceable. It just occurred to me that Kirk is about as hard to cast as Batman. And by that logic, Christian Bale is the only choice to play him. If you can make an awesome Batman (best ever!), you can make an awesome Kirk. I just wish Abrams had asked me before he picked some random dude.

6 thoughts on “Star Trek Film Cast: Seriously?”

  1. Yeah, I saw they had Kirk, Uhura, etc. My issue was that I had no idea who they were. And 27 seems a bit young to be piloting a starship, but I guess if anyone could do it, it’s Kirk.

    I read the CNN article, but I still don’t get the remark about Pine and the hotel room.

  2. In case you are not kidding…

    Captain Kirk (William Shatner) now works as “The Negotiator” getting great deals via He’s been in commercials for the last 10 years, doing so.
    Lose a life and start watching TV.

    In case you ARE kidding…

    Your sarcasm needs a brush-up. I can’t be sure about it anymore. Typed smugness must be blazingly obvious or not at all. That’s the rule.

  3. Uh, well, I wasn’t kidding, I just didn’t make the connection. If you read my posts, you know I watch a stupid amount of TV, but with my DVR I don’t watch many commercials. Unless it’s a Victoria’s Secret commercial. I’ve seen the Priceline ones occasionally, but I don’t stop fast forwarding just to watch Shatner hawk a web site.

    And have you noticed how LOUD commercials are these days? You gotta fast forward just to save your hearing or keep from waking up the neighbors.

  4. Hey, I happen to have access to Assassin’s projection TV specifications, and I know that there is a feature that allows you to modify all sound sources to a preset level. So when the commercials come on, they are muted to match the level of the show (a level that you have pre-selected) I don’t know if this plays havoc with the audio presentation (ie: having your programs muted to a hush) but it’s worth a try.

  5. We have night mode on the receiver, which does the same thing. I can tell the difference, but it’s not nearly as quieting as I’d like it to be.

    Actually, that would be a great feature for Tivo – automatic muting during commercials. Ya don’t need sound to watch lingerie models.

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