3 thoughts on “Rod Kimble: Stuntman Extraordinaire”

  1. Yeah, I liked them. I didn’t love them. I think he could get a little more outrageous with these but the one you showcased was definitely the best of the lot. I love how “family” made it’s way into the 7 deadly sins. 🙂

  2. Already on the CrackTeam radar. I found this via IMDB, one of the most respected sites of my fellow agents for movie information, and great one-liners. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0787475/

    I was actually looking for movies with Gob (Arrested Development’s) aka Will Arnett. But when I saw Hot Rod, I didn’t even need the videos, just the stills sold me on this project.

  3. Good catch! So that site’s just a promotional tool for the movie, which is coming out in August. I also like the fact that it as Isla Fisher (Mrs. Sascha Baron Cohen), who was the hot “virgin” in Wedding Crashers. I’m always interested in seeing more of her. And by that I mean I want to see her naked.

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