Mann Has Balls

This is awesome. I was visiting the web site for Mann’s Theatres, when I read these truly heartwarming words on their locations page:

Children under 5 will not be admitted to “PG-13” OR “R” rated films

Bless their hearts. I can’t wait for other theatres (you listening, Cinemark?) to follow suit. And also, I’ve always preferred the British spelling of theatres.

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3 thoughts on “Mann Has Balls”

  1. Personally, I would like to see that age limit raised significantly for “R” rate movies and raised slightly for “PG-13” rated movies but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

    As I live in an area I like to call “The land of the worst parents in the country”, it’s nice to know I can go to a Mann theater for a 12am showing of a rated R movie and not have to feel like I want to kill the couple in the front row who enter the theater with their two toddlers in tow because they are too stupid to realize they should either get a babysitter or just stay home.

  2. Whenever I see “theatre” spelled that way, I want to say.”Thea Tree” which sounds like a tall shrub that produces inedible but pretty looking nuts.

  3. Well, maybe they should start using the same tactics they use for reminding people to shut off their cell phones and to refrain from talking during a movie.

    Just show a small clip of people enjoying a movie and some kid starts running around the theater, yelling and kicking and acting up… just pissing the crap out of everyone. Then, show the same clip again but with everyone enjoying the movie, including the couple who brought the kid. And the camera pans to the child who is duck-taped and ball-gagged to his chair. Then it says, “You wouldn’t tie up your child. Don’t tie up the movie – leave your children at home.”

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