I saw Front Line Assembly for the first time at BB Kings, May 3rd.
Acumen Nation and The Start, opened.
FLA’s playlist was fantastic since they were set up like a band (drums/guitars riffs) which is my favorate style for them. There’s nothing worse than watching an industrial one-man-band sit in front of a laptop while hopping and down trying to get the crowd into it.
Bill Leeb was in a sarcastic mood. He apolagized for the tour-bus-incident last time he tried to come to NY. The smoke machine ran out of fluid, so he suggested we all fart to keep the mist alive. He also voiced his aggrevation at the lack of any PA system so he couldn’t tell how they sounded, but it wasn’t that bad.
Although I didn’t recognize the other band members, I overheard someone point to Chris Peterson and someone else said Rhys Fulber wasn’t there. I can’t confirm any of this.
After performing, they came back for an oncore including Mindphaser that was phenomenal.
After the show we ate at Lucille’s restaurant, located in the same building. When we were done, we went outside to get a cab and found Bill Leeb (my idol) was just hanging out on the curb while they were loading the tour bus. He was practically alone! It figures I went through two batteries on my camera to get 1.5 gig of pictures and videos. (requests?). Even my cell phone was dead after searching for a signal in the underground club for 4 hours.
So I ended up just gawking at him like a teenager, think of nothing better to say than “duh…, I like music!” as he finished up outside and hopped on the bus.

Next time I will be better prepared.

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  1. Awesome! We have a B.B. King’s in SoCal at Universal City Walk. Had I known, I would have *highly* recommended the fried peanut butter and jelly. It did not sound appetizing to me, but it was crazy good. Last time we went they had a Latin jazz band that was good, but no FLA.

    I’m pretty sure Acumen Nation opened for KMFDM when I saw them at House of Blues Anaheim (what is with industrial bands playing at blues restaurants???). The music was good, but definitely fit the “two guys hopping around in front of an Apple Powerbook.”

    Wonder why Fulber wasn’t there – he’s pretty much half the band, right?

    I, too, have faced a few people I greatly admire, while standing slackjawed with nothing interesting to say. The irony, of course, is that you have LOTS to say and ask, you’re just not prepared. Good luck next time. I’ve found that at some of the smaller venues, the bands will come out later to sign autographs and chat with fans. Agent Thinktank1 and I have chatted with Adrian Belew a few times at Club Bene after he performed there.

    Wow, weird coincidence. Googling Club Bene came up with this on the first page:


    Looks like Fulber wasn’t there, either. His Wikipedia page suggests he may have left the band in 1997 – that would have been a good question for Leeb! 🙂 Also, I had no idea we were so close in age – now I feel even less accomplished…

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