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Don’t install Internet Explorer 7! I just came back from a Java Users Group meeting, and there were a couple reports of it crashing systems. In addition, it prevents you from rolling back to IE 6. I recommend you avoid for now. In the meantime, Firefox 2 rocks!

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  1. Yes, I have heard of the wondrous version 7. But my company’s IT dept. is working on deploying a controlled version of it. This brings up two questions: Does MicroSoft make different versions of its software available, with different patches?? How does my company have the power to force a change??

    I know the answer to the latter: we are pretty dammed big. And we just made it to top 30 IT depts. out of 500 companies surveryed in the US. Pretty impressive, and most unexpected from the company that takes two weeks to service my IT ticket to have an application installed.

  2. I heard there is no roll-back option for the media player series, as well.

    Speaking of versions, have you seen how many levels of Vista are to be available?

    As far as IT dept goes: Do you have a link to that survey?
    Not that I’m expecting my company to be on it. My IT department (for the Northeast) is pretty much one guy. And you have to MAIL him your equipment for upgrade.
    On the flip side, there is only a one-week turnaround. I get my own laptop, cellphone, and company-network access from home.
    Not bad for a company that does the most UN-technical thing you can think of: We manufacture bricks!

  3. Found it here:

    6 versions, and still a tough decision. I’ve gone from NT -> 200 -> XP Pro, so Vista Business would be the next in line. But it’s missing the Media Center features. The real question is whether I need the features of Business, and from the looks of it, no. The only standout is the dual processor support, and while I expect to have dual cores in my next system, I doubt I’ll have dual procs. Well, “Previous Versions” would be nice to have. Maybe Premium will be good enough, but Ultimate is only $60 more for the upgrade.

    The fact is, that’s all a long way off for me. I’ll be waiting until the the first Service Pack (at least), and it will most likely be part of my next system. Another year, maybe longer.

  4. Wow. You create bricks near Bricktown. Is that a coincidence?? I don’t know enough about the town where I spent my formative years.

    The survey is from the magazine Information week:

    I’d rather not say where I work in the interest of confidentiality and maintenance of my CT agent status.

  5. Of course, the whole point of this blog is anonymity, so you can talk about work without people knowing who you are. At least, nobody searching for your birth name will find you here.

    Anyway, it looks a little fishy. The Boring Company is in the top 200, but they list the CEO as the top IT exec, which is just ridiculous. We have a CTO, which would be a lot more accurate. Looks like somebody didn’t read carefully and dropped the “IT” part.

  6. We have 5 locations in Jersey. Although my manufacturing plant is not located in Brick, one of our other plants is. I get lost almost every time I go there.
    This is frustrating considering it’s relatively close to the high school AND the neighborhood I lived in as a teenager.
    Which brings us to a cross-post point: Brick traffic sucks.

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