Cool software

I saw this clip of a program called ASSIST (MIT) which is used as a design aid for mechanical applications.
Probably old-news to some Crack Team members, but the clip just started showing up and I though I’d share.

I’m told that Microsoft has a “Physics Illustrator” that works the same way.
Anyone have any experience with this kind of software?

2 thoughts on “Cool software”

  1. That is really cool, I hadn’t seen that before. It must have a ton of defaults set up: friction, spring tension, etc. It would be cool to lend that kind of technology to game building toolkits. There are already 3D engines and physics engines, but I don’t think they’re easy to program, and you have the whole AI to deal with. Something that also uses a lot of intelligent defaults would be interesting to see.

  2. I was obsessed with obtaining this program, but it is meant to run on a tablet PC. (Don’t have)
    I found this link which explains how to get the program working on a desktop PC. One big drawback… NO INSTRUCTIONS OR HELP FILE.
    This part of the program did not translate.

    It runs well, but just a bit buggy. Not enough to ruin the experience.
    You just have to play around for a while to figure it out.
    Fun time-waster anyway.

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