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The Crack Team is awesome at finding awesome videos. The latest awesome video is called Awesometown, submitted by awesome Agent Doubledeuce. Check out the Dudes’ Cut, which is NSFW, and hilarious. These are the same guys who brought us the SNL videos Lazy Sunday and the Natalie Portman Rap. Speaking of which, I did not think it was possible to want Natalie more, but that was before I saw her hardcore gangsta rap stylings. We love you Natalie!

Agent Masterchief submitted the gamer’s love song by Tripod. It’s more for console gamers than strategists, but I think we can all appreciate the lyrics. Your girlfriend will appreciate them even more.

3 thoughts on “More Awesome Videos”

  1. Wow. Awesometown should be our new world headquarters!

    Point 1) You should sue them for ripping off that last skit, as it was exactly what you guys use to do when I got sad.

    Point B) Jack Black’s part was crazy funny. Good thing too, cuz I saw King Kong last night, and I needed to see him demonstrate his awesomeness in the way I was accustomed too (oh, and get off may ass, I am married so sometimes it takes a while to catch a good flick).

    Pointy Stick) Is what I will use to demonstrate my displeasure with you with if you selfishly take both Natalie and Keira as your polyandric wives, unless I happen to be busy with Milla when the party ends and we all hit Vegas to get hitched before they sober up.

  2. Yes, I’m always quick to cheer someone up with interpretive dance. Or a table dance.

    I don’t know what polyandric means, but I’m pretty sure I’m down with anything involving those two ladies. In fact, I think it’s time you turned your mad robot skills into making us some femmebots.

  3. yeah, sadly that “made up word” actually has a meaning that is the opposite of what was intended. Sometimes out in the hot tub I don’t get a good signal on my wireless connection, so while watching the downloaded vids and writing my comments, I was forced to rely on my public schooling education to concoct a new version of the word polygamian, suggesting that you would be taking two wives at once. I now see that though the root may have been close, my word actually refers to a relationship involving a woman and multiple husbands, not quite what I had in mind. I suppose though if say, Brad and ANGELINA called, and asked nicely, I would consider their proposal, as long as the 2 testicle/mattress rule was followed at all times.

    As to the status of Fembot development, I will have to admit that marriage has slowed down progress almost as bad as World of Warcraft did. For some reason, having a real naked hot chick around all the time has distracted me, and for that I apologize. The only recent progress would be that I have come up with a model designator for the first operational unit, the Naughty Natalie Knightly! Not only does it combine two of the most obvious proofs of the existence of God, it also has a nice ?nightly Knightly? sales jingle in there somewhere. I am sure that the Keira Portman would sell equally well, especially because I could follow the lead of the big guy and use the same tooling and molds, keeping the development costs to a minimum!

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