One thought on “Fun Fun Fun on the Autobahn”

  1. Great vehicle, I still remember it from the Porche section of the LA auto show a few years ago. You can’t argue with the performance. My only issue is price. Over $30K to add a twin turbo? Shaves off 1.6 seconds from the 0-60, nice. I’m just not sure that’s $30K nice. I do see a lot of Cayenne S’s around, including a couple in the company parking lot. However, I’d recommend the VW Touareg, which is built on the same platform. The V8 has almost as much HP as the Cayenne S (310 vs. 340), but costs $17K less. I’ve spent a fair amount of time behind the wheel of one (couple trips to Vegas), and they are remarkably smooth, comfortable, and powerful. Also, if you’ve ever priced a Porsche (I once looked into the Boxter), you know they nickel and dime you for every single option, and very quickly your $40K Boxter is costing you $55-60K. You can argue the styling isn’t as nice as the Cayenne, but $17K buys you a lot of pimping. Or you can wait for the Audi Q7, which will attempt the bridge the gap between VW and Porsche: . Its engine gets 350HP from the same displacement as the VW. No word on price, though.

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