Dodging cops

Since we seem to have a few car buffs on here I thought I’d mention the news about the Dodge Charger becoming the new NYC police “cruiser”. It’s going to look pretty badass, I think.

I also read that they are testing the Dodge Magnum as a replacement to the SUV support vehicle class.
I think that would be a brilliant choice. How do I figure that?
Here, I’ll show my work.
(Cargo space) minus (rollover factor) plus (beef) equals cool.

One thought on “Dodging cops”

  1. Interesting, I wonder what the mods will be. The Crown Vic had a “Police Interceptor” model that was sold to cops, but Ford wouldn’t tell anyone how it was modded.

    I’m still looking forward to the Challenger. Supposedly on the Charger chassis, which makes it too heavy, but looks hella cool.

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