Arclight Cinemas: Fuck You!

Tonight I had a horrible experience at Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood. A couple weeks ago I purchased 4 tickets to The 40 Year Old Virgin, to be followed by a Q&A with writer/director Judd Apatow (of Freeks & Geeks and Undeclared fame). My confirmation email very clearly states that all I need to do is bring the credit card I used to a box office agent to pick up my tickets. I go to customer service, and they can’t find any reservation connected to my credit card! I only use one card, no exceptions. Nothing connected to my name or phone number, either. Nothing they can do about it, and the show is sold out. Yeah, sold out with 4 empty seats! Bastards! And this is after sitting in traffic for 1.5 hours. I am sure they will not deal with this in any satisfactory way, and try to say it wasn’t their fault, or say, “Oops, sorry about that! Now please hang up, asshole.” I have found their web site to be a flakey piece of shit in the past, but I DEFINITELY got a confirmation this time. I fully admit I should have printed it out as insurance, but it also stated I had no need to do so (and I’ve had no problems in the past). Apologies again to Agents Hulagun and Doubledeuce, whose nights were also ruined.

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2 thoughts on “Arclight Cinemas: Fuck You!”

  1. Well, your sacrifice was not in vain. All of us CT members will now spend the extra 15 seconds and get a printout of our confirmations. But I have a feeling that you were lost in the data stream, and a printed page would have done little to get you into the theatre. After all, we technofiles can falsify any document with a couple of keystrokes, right?? I’m surprised that they did not even offer a free popcorn for your trouble. Perhaps the manager would have done something, seeing as you drove all the way from the OC.

  2. The printout probably would have saved me. For one, the email claims you can print out the tickets themselves, which are probably difficult to falsify. More importantly, a woman at the same customer service desk was also having problems, but she told me they could find her reservation when she gave the seat numbers.

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