– Can Anyone Beat This?

I recently signed up with CD service, and so far it’s the best deal in music I’ve seen. If you’re familiar with Netflix, the concept is similar (no, you’re not renting CDs). You go through their catalog and add CDs to your queue. Every month, the CD at the top of your queue is sent to you and your credit card is charged, until you quit the club.
Here is the amazing part. Cost of the CD? $6. Oh, cost with tax? $6. Cost with tax and shipping, you ask? $6. Wanna buy more CDs? $6. Cost per disc for box sets and double albums? $6. Cost if your queue is empty at your “time of the month”? $6 (and they don’t ship you anything).

That’s it. Frankly, I don’t see why you couldn’t just sign up, buy all the CDs you want at $6 each, and then quit. At worst, you leave one CD in the queue if they require a 30-day notice (which they don’t state, I’m just speculating).
My price threshold for CDs at a store is $12 for a disc I really want, otherwise $10 because they?re gonna tax me. has some great deals, but their shipping charge is $3 per disc. So, for me, this is a pretty stunning deal. Heck, I just saw Coldplay?s X&Y at Sam Goody (yeah, I know) for $20! Who the heck pays that? Hmm, doesn’t offer that CD, so perhaps that’s a bad example…

The catch? None, really. Shipping isn?t instantaneous. I signed up on a Sunday morning (1/15), they shipped it on Tuesday (1/17) and it arrived today (1/26). About average for free shipping. Their selection isn?t stellar, about 14,000 CDs, but I was still able to find a few good ones. Reviewers elsewhere pointed out that CDs sometimes disappear from your queue, so if you really want something, you might want to order it while you know you can still get it. The only issue for me is that Rhapsody fulfills most of my listening needs, so I?m only buying CDs that are great as a whole, and something I?d want to listen to in the car. When I get a subscription-capable MP3 player, my need may disappear altogether. Until then, my queue is loaded.

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  1. I’ll be honest, 14,000 seems low. It sounds like they hit a few major albums for each artist, from a selected majority of popular artists (like how BMG set up their music selection). But $6 sounds pretty solid. Rhapsody still sounds like a better deal, though.

  2. There is some indie content. I got “So Jealous” by Tegan and Sara, and next up are The Flaming Lips and The Magnetic Fields. Yes, Rhapsody with a subscription-capable MP3 player is the way to go. As soon as this baby is out (, my subscription is cancelled. ‘Til then, I’m focusing on albums that work better as an album, rather than sliced into singles.

  3. Found the soundtrack to “Broken Flowers” which is a good thing. But not a single Star Trek soundtrack. Wait, that is also a good thing.

    No “Batman Begins” but they do seem to have all of the Harry Potter soundtracks.

    I am definitely giving them a try.

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