Sony’s PS2 History Eraser Button

Ok, most know I don’t care for Sony products. If they work, they’re decent, but I and several friends have found they break all too often.
     Sony’s decided to build on that success. c|net has an article about a recent Sony demo disk for PS2s that can erase your memory card, wiping out your saved games.

4 thoughts on “Sony’s PS2 History Eraser Button”

  1. Darn it. I love Sony. They invented the walkman, I STILL own a home component stereo by Sony I’ve had since high school… and if your not waiting in massive anticipation for the PSP, then well, I’m not talking to you anymore.
    Finally an ADULT handheld system. No offence, Gameboy Advance SP, but at 32, I’m through with dink dink dink kiddi stuff…
    OK maybe Alpine is the way to go for CAR audio, but I would never suggest turning my back on SONY.
    Furthermore, I am a firm believer that every CEO’s ultimate goal is to rule the world or at least a part of it. Surely Bill Gates wants more than just “mo’ money, mo’ money”. He’s hoping for the United States of Microsoft! Asia will soon be owned by Sony, Coca-cola with take South America, and I’m sure Dupont’s got it’s eyes on Australia.
    So don’t piss off Sony.
    You may live there someday.

  2. Funny, when I was writing this I thought of you, my Sony zealot friend. Yes, Sony always works great for you, but don’t most electronics work great for you, even when they’re crapping out on others? It’s your Electric Zen.

    I’ll give it to Sony that they’ve got style. They’re the only PC mfr. that comes close to Apple in that area (but Apple still stomps on everyone there). Often their attention to form over function leaves out features I need, though. So even if I felt they were reliable, I’d pick another product. They are innovative, though.

    As for PSP, I don’t own any console or handheld game systems. PC only for me. Maybe someday.

  3. I wasn’t much of a handheld follower before the GBA came out. PC beats any system for adult/complex gaming, but once you have two kids… those days of playing Baldur’s Gate all night long and ignoring all bodily needs(sleep/bath/pee). Gaining 5 pounds per session, snacking on Herr’s Hot Cheese Curls or raw cookie dough. No more. sigh.
    Now my needs have shifted towards a gaming system that can easily be stowed, so I can catch whichever child is involved in the dare of the day…

    Someday, they will be in grade-school, my wife will work the same shift as I do, and Baldur’s Gate 5 will be mine.

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