Top 10 Geekiest Hobbies

The Wave Magazine has an article on the top 10 geekiest hobbies. I’m guilty of #10 and #9, so I’m not too far gone, or so I tell myself. The article helpfully provides statistics on each hobby’s capacity for public humiliation and its affect on your sex life. On that note, I wonder how I’d look in big bear costume…

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Geekiest Hobbies”

  1. 10 Comics: I’d read one if someone handed me one…
    9 Roleplayin: Previously infected. Now cured.
    8 Scrapbookin: When I was young, it was cool to collect stickers in a photo album. I was lame.
    7 StarWars: I like the movies, but wouldn’t stand in line for it.
    6 Vampirism: I worked night shift for ten years and I love medium-rare steak. Does that count?
    5 Card Games: I know HOW to play Magic The Gathering and Pokemon but I don’t actually play. Nyaaaa
    4 Everquest: I know someone at work who plays this. He’s a 30 year old virgin, living alone.
    3 Star Trek: I lost interest after Next Generation.
    2 Furries/plushies: Give me a fucking break.
    1 Live Action RP: See previous response.

    I would like to add that I LOVE computer role playing games (non-online) although it doesn’t fit well into any category. I also color my hair like a high school goth wannabe. Oh I almost forgot the Decepticon window etchings on my Z.
    They need to rewrite this list.

  2. Hmmm. I vaguely remember sticker books. Esp. the craze over scratch ‘n sniff. And space tape! What happened to space tape?

    I DID stand in line at 1pm for a midnight show of Phantom Menace. A friend won two free tickets, so nobody camped to buy them. Well, other friends did. Still got crappy seats.

    I LOVE goth/industrial chicks. Other alternachicks come in a close second. Bonus points for working at a coffee shop.

    I watch Enterprise still. Love Subcommander Hottie, er, T’Pol (so dorky I spell it right).

    Well, I own stuffed animals, but haven’t fornicated with any of them. That you know of.

    I’ve witnessed LARP at my alma mater. It was an engineering school, and it was still chilling to see. Seriously, like a car wreck. Picture a fat nerdy kid, hopping around on one foot, wielding a foam tube as a sword or spear, saying, “I’ve still got one leg and one arm!” to an equally dorky opponent. IN A DORM PARKING LOT! Dignity wasn’t even in these guys’ vocabulary. Scarily embarrassing.

    So I’m a bit geekier than I let on. Luckily, my good looks distract everyone.

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