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I finally have the opportunity to work on a J2EE project. There are, approximately, a bajillion different technologies that make up core J2EE plus open source APIs, frameworks, engines, etc. Since I probably won’t be here forever (because “here” won’t be here forever), I thought I’d ask WWMD: What Would (have me) Do? Here is a listing of J2EE technologies and the number of tech job listings, nationwide, that ask for them.

XML (1802) *
Websphere (1644)
Weblogic (1133)
EJB (865)
Struts (733)
JDBC (586) *
Tomcat (409)
Portal (390) *
JMS (321) *
XSLT (303) *
Ant (246) *
JUnit (167) *
Eclipse (134)
Portlet (28)
Log4j (22)
Cactus (18)
Velocity (16)
JDO (14)
Netbeans (10)
JavaServer Faces (10) **
Tapestry (5)
Lucene (3)
Jetspeed (3)

* limited to J2EE matches only
** includes “Java Server Faces” typos

Of course, there could be a lot of overlap (e.g., asking for Weblogic or Websphere). But it gives an interesting picture of what hiring managers are looking for at the moment.

Ask me what they’re looking for when my project is completed…