The Crack Team Starts a WAR!

We’re trying something new here. Sometimes folks forget that, while I do most of the posting, this is a group blog. Any member of The Crack Team is welcome – nay, encouraged! – to participate. So I am starting a formal weblog author rotation (WAR) to improve participation.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp The WAR is an ordered list of authors. Each day, the next author on the list must post an article. He may post more if he wants, on any author’s day, but they won’t count towards his future days (you can’t post three articles and sit out the next two WAR cycles). When the WAR is over, it’s back to author #1 (me) and starts again. This way has new content every day. Each new author added gives the rest an extra day to post, lowering everyone’s committment. However, I have a hunch authors will respond by posting more often on “off days”.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp I’d like to note that I am asking for an official committment, which is designed in part to encourage authors to write more. Many of us are interested in writing, but sometimes need a kick in the pants to do so. So every day you’re late, you will be fined $50 by The Crack Team. Just kidding! You just owe us another article. Again, this is just to encourage your writing, and make sure we have fresh content.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Speaking of content, we’re looking for original thought. Some have said that the blogosphere is divided between linkers and thinkers. There is nothing wrong with linking sites, but it should be accompanied by opinion or commentary. If you just don’t have much to say about it (and granted, some things speak for themselves), save it for your extra posts. It’s difficult to create objective criteria for this, beyond “your articles must be x lines long”, which I think is silly. Use your best judgement.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp One last thing to encourage you to sign on: this is an anonymous weblog. There is no published NOC list for The Crack Team. This grants you a precious freedom, especially when talking about your employer. Of course, I’m happy to link your codename to your website or email if you like (although the latter will surely get you lots of spam).

Here are the agents currently involved in the WAR effort:


4 thoughts on “The Crack Team Starts a WAR!”

  1. Count me in. BUt I’d like to make it a weekly offering (others can rotate to fill in the gaps)
    And I think my content will tend to be tedious and uninformative. But I’m just being a defeatist. There must be something interesting to say inside my head (that is the most common mistaken assumption by most bloggers).

  2. I’ll take the challenge, although, forcing myself to write more often is not exactly on the top of my list. Yeah, I’ll write informative, educated reviews about new bands, concerts, and album releases. Sure, I’ll discuss grievances with popular culture and entertainment. What? Yeah, I might even start an If They Mated segment, like on Conan O’Brien, fine.

    But I really should be sketching more…

    I might do that, too. No guarantees, though.

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