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E3 Shrinks

E3 is scaling way down. Surprisingly, the reasons are reasonable. The video game industry no longer needs a big event to garner the attention of the press, and May is too early to display games scheduled for fall. It’ll now be a place to do some press conferences and let the bigwigs network. Since they closed it off to the public this year, I don’t think anyone really cares. I guess this is good news for PAX.

You Only Need The Zipper

It Should Be Outlawed: Men who not only undo their zipper, but also the button and belt on their pants when using a urinal. If you’re over 10 and you have to pull up your pants after taking a leak, you’re doing something wrong. You should’ve figured that out around the time you gained enough coordination to wipe yourself. And I’m seeing engineers do this, for Pete’s sake! It ain’t rocket surgery!

The Ice Harvest

Just saw The Ice Harvest, and I have to give it a pass. It’s a film noir/dark comedy, but it’s too much dark and not enough comedy. For a good, relatively modern film noir, try Body Heat or LA Confidential. For dark comedy, try Army of Darkness or Shaun of the Dead.

The Mission to Relax

The following are actual foreign titles for the movie RV:

  • U.K.: RV: Runaway Vacation
  • Taiwan: The Mission to Relax
  • Spain: Vaya Vacaciones (“What a Vacation”)
  • Other Spanish-speaking countries: Crazy Vacation
  • France, Switzerland and Belgium: Camping Car