Cansei de Ser Sexy (the other CSS)

I recently posted a rap video about proper web design and coding, and now here’s a bunch of electro songs from CSS. This time, we’re not talking about cascading style sheets.

You’ve probably heard Brazil’s CSS without having any idea who they were. I had a couple “oh, THAT’s who does this” moments while listening to them. Hopefully, you’ll be as happy as I was to solve the mystery.

The vocals of lead singer Lovefoxxx have a fantastic, Bjork-like cuteness to them, down to the occasional rasp. When that Portuguese accent comes out, she’s downright dangerous. And she curses! A triple threat. CSS is an abbreviation of Cansei de Ser Sexy, which is Portuguese for “tired of being sexy”. While they mean it in jest (it was a Beyonce Knowles quote), there’s a definite sexiness to their sound and lyrics.

Here are a few tracks I really liked, starting with the ones you probably heard already:

Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex

Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above


Off the Hook (I think you can hear the Bjork-ness best here)

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4 thoughts on “Cansei de Ser Sexy (the other CSS)”

  1. Many years ago in the mid 90’s, I pondered how music could evolve farther than it has. It seemed to go into every extreme possible. Also, will I ever get to an age where I find myself out of touch with the next generation’s music? I made a prediction that the only way this could happen is if somehow music de-evolved. and turned gay.
    10 years later, my prophecy has come true. This new “folk” sound is just to lame for me to bear. Everything that’s now considered “in” like Amy Winehouse or these damn iPod commercial tunes…
    I am done.
    I’m tapping out.
    I’m old.
    I admit it.

  2. Yes! I win! I beat you! I beat you!

    Yeah, the older I get, the more stuff I like. On my mp3 player, I’m sure I’ve got an Amy Winhouse track and a couple songs that were used in iTunes commercials. At least it’s not an iPod.

    I think that if you can’t find anything new you like, you’re not looking hard enough. There’s certainly enough bands cranking out the same sound we liked in high school. Sascha and Lucia from KMFDM have a new band called KGC that has that same industrial dance sound we know and love:

    Play around on Rhapsody, which is totally worth the monthly price for any music lover. Or visit Pandora and explore new music for free. I’ve written about both here – search for details.

    And hey, you’ve got author privileges – if you don’t like my picks, post something I should love! I’ll be grateful for it, I promise.

  3. Yes, you definitely have a more expandable ear than me.
    Your Mindless Self Indulgence post was spot on!
    I have no problem finding music I like when I want to, but unlike the 90’s, a lot of what is on the radio (top 20) is not for me. It’s really not fair because I have kids who in all likelihood will love the new lite/soul groups. Yet I’ll be the old guy who doesn’t “get it.” 🙁
    (I’m still pretty good on a skateboard, though.)

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