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I just noticed that the Weather Channel web site has improved my local weather page. They added a pulldown menu called “On the Spot” that allows you to select conditions at nearby intersections, parks, schools, event venues, etc. Nice for those places that get much hotter, colder, or wetter than the rest of town. Man, I wish we had A/C.

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  1. No A/C?

    I don’t know how you do that.

    We lost power in my town on Monday afternoon and into the night. It was over 90 inside the house, even though the sun was going down. The town was quiet and the neighborhood was kind-of just hanging out in their front yard – something that just isn’t done in my neck of the woods.
    Afer sundown, I was considering sleeping out on the deck swing, but the mosquitoes were having a orgy with all the helpless humans offering their sweat to the power gods.
    The kids cried when we wouldn’t let them sleep with pajamas or sheets covering them.
    5-year-olds just don’t get what it means to be without power. They kept asking “Can we turn the fans on?” or “Can we play Gamecube until the power comes back?”
    Even I was stumped a few times thinking “I’ll just use my laptop and go wireless to find out what’s going on.”
    DRRR wireless router plugs in, jackass!
    You see, when you need them the most, the power company’s customer service uses a recorded message which tell you nothing about what’s causing the power out.
    I considered blowing off some leftover 4th o’ July fireworks just to hear what they sound like when it’s so quiet, but when you’re all sweaty and tired, you’re motivation level is also “in the red”.

    Thankfully, this is a rare occurance. If this happened once a week or so like those folk I hear about who live in the “bad grids”, I would definately invest in a solar panel/generator/windmill/you-name-it.

  2. Over here, the air is dry, and there are no mosquitos. If you live near the beach, you get a cool ocean breeze all the time, so there are only a handful of days per year (maybe 10) when you’d use A/C. It’s not worth it for them to get it. If you’re far from the beach, it’s just plain hot, and everyone has it.

    I’m in a “sour spot” (as opposed to a sweet spot), where I’m fairly close to the beach, so it’s ok most of the time, but I’m far enough to have a good 30-40 days a year when I need it. When it gets 80+ outside, it’s 80+ inside. With our recent heat wave, it really sucks.

    I would have bought a window A/C years ago, but we have weird windows that slide left/right. Apparently they’re called sliding or casement windows, and I just found out they make air conditioners that fit them. I had looked years ago but never found them. This is probably because they’re a special order, and it can take 2 weeks to get them. So I still haven’t bothered. Now I’m not sure how much longer we’ll stay here, so I’m holding off. The fan will have to do for now.

  3. Forget the organic suffering….. how is your server handling the heat?? You had mentioned years ago that the hardware is very sensitive to heat. I was planning to put filters on my PC tower vents to prevent dust from accumulating on the boards; you mentioned that heat is a bigger threat to a PC’s internal than dust bunnies and thankfully prevented me from melting my computer. Thanks!!

    You can cool off by keeping yourself moist in front of your fan. A similar evaporative cooling effect to that of a “swamp cooler.” A towel being fed a water drip from overhead would do the trick. And the moisture would be evaporated before it reached the floor. Let me know if it works. If not, I have a link to get help for bedwetters:

  4. It ends tomorrow. Fry’s has slider/casement window air conditioners, and is expecting a shipment tomorrow. If it’s a reasonable deal (considering price, BTUs, and convenience) I’ll pick it up. I’ll try at lunch, or during my Starbucks break. If it’s not worth it (i.e., it’s a Fedders or similar off-brand), I found Sears has a Kenmore model with 6000 BTUs for $350. The catch is that the closest store that has it for pickup is in Montebello (roughly 605 at the 60). A 40 minute trip will be a small price to pay for relief. And hell, the car will be air conditioned.

    Oh, we finally did it. We pinned the thermostat thermometer, meaning it was AT LEAST 90 DEGREES in our living room. And it’s still 80 degrees outside. Will need two fans in the bedroom tonight.

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