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  1. Now hold up just a minute there. First, I think it’s important to point out that The Crack Team is a real organization made up of nonfictional characters; Team Banzai is not. More importantly, there’s a bit more overlap:

    Agents Zbalance, Hulagun, and Masterchief are all rock musicians, and several of us consider ourselves to be rock music experts. Agent Mystery has been a producer for two pop/rock music television shows.

    Agents Masterchief, Scorpion, and I’m assuming Zbalance are trained in the use of automatic weaponry. Remember that Agent Scorpion is a graduate of the Marine’s Desert Survival School and Jungle Survival School (only missing the arctic one). He is also an NRA Golden Eagle, highly skilled in the quick draw, and a former police officer. Agent Intrepid is a former Navy fighter pilot with aircraft carrier experience. That should probably also count as an automatic weapon.

    I guess for some of the stuff they got us beat, if we were fictional characters.

  2. My apologies, gentlemen. The list is dated, and I welcome updates.

    Also note that we knew that the crackteam website was coming (thank you, Archangel et al for making it a reality).

    Finally, although many of you are trained in the use of electronic musical instruments and automatic weaponry, I doubt that you take both to the stage, as the Banzai “Hong Kong Cavaliers” do.

    I think agent Avatar needs to get involved in this discussion; he is the Banzai expert in our midst.

  3. I’ve only been trained in the M-16.
    Oh, and the BFG9000. (but who hasn’t)

    My question is: Are we a Worldwide Organization? (Do we have members who RESIDE outside the US? Or at least a few who OPERATE outside the US?)

  4. Actually, Masterchief is a real drummer, and I’ve seen the band photos to prove it. Wired For Sound, IIRC. Hulagun plays piano, drums, and guitar. No stage work – yet!

    Zbalance: We do have operatives who have worked outside the US. Renegade has twice take a year (!) to travel around the world, and probably leads the team by a wide margin. Avatar has spent quite some time in Japan, and Aquaman is an expert in SE Asia (his codename comes from his extensive kayaking and snorkeling trips around the Phillipines and Thailand). I’ve made several trips to Montreal, but does Canada count? At least it was French Canada. Most agents with military experience have operated outside the US. Agent Scorpion did at least one tour in Vietnam; not sure about Agent Intrepid. Agent Bladerunner has made multiple return trips to Latin America. Agent Masterchief has been to New Zealand, on his way to Antarctica. I think he gets the prize for southernmost destination.

    That said, I think we all have the good old US of A as our permanent base of operations.

  5. And don’t forget that a splinter faction of our team spent some time in the Northern Latitudes in Fairbanks, Alaska. Domestic US, but still quite exotic when you go there in the summer or winter.

  6. I’ll complete the circle with my military duty assignments to Germany (which included an amazing weekend in Amsterdam – strictly Crack-Team research, I assure you. Details upon request.)

    I’ve also landed at Roswell for a refuel once. They didn’t let us off the plane, but hey, I can still say I’ve technically been there.
    (I don’t think they got anything the Crack-Team doesn’t already know about, anyway…)

  7. Actually, this agent HAS performed on stage. Many times. For music and theater. Often with multiple shows an evening. I was even invited to perform as a special guest.

    Not to brag. I just want to clarify that I am, in fact, not a stage virgin. Actually, if you get me on stage I’m a total whore.

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