Journeyman Canceled

As a long time couch potato and fan of brilliant but short lived series, my spidey senses are well honed to detect cancellation. I knew it wasn’t a good sign when two new episodes of Journeyman were being aired two days apart. I just finished it watching the latest (now last 🙁 ) episode, which had all sorts of closure points, and then did the dreaded web search for the words in this post’s title. Sadly, I came across this confirmation at the Journeyman blog.

If you didn’t watch it1, you can catch several episodes free online at NBC. It was a great show, especially with Kevin McKidd leading the charge. I hope he gets a new show soon.

  1. and I hear I’m to blame as well, since the rumor is that NBC was looking only at live viewings, not those from DVR/Tivo or online. []

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3 thoughts on “Journeyman Canceled”

  1. I was hoping they’d move it to SciFi or USA, but oh, well. What a shame. Maybe next time they won’t put a brand new show up against CSI Miami. Network TV sucks.

  2. Never thought about moving it to SciFi. I don’t know what Journeyman’s budget is, but Battlestar Galactica costs them $2M/episode. With 4M viewers, it gets about twice the viewers of SciFi’s BSG. Then again, it has Chuck and Heroes as a lead in, which I’m sure helps. I’ve never seen any episode of CSI, no matter the city it’s set in, so perhaps I’m the wrong one to guess at these things.

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